Friday, June 08, 2007

To break up the Paris Hilton news...

...let's talk about our other favorite lady, miss Lindsay Lohan.

WWTDD reports:

Lindsay Lohan arrived at Promises rehab in Malibu looking like a "stray dog" and spent her first few days in detox from alcohol, cocaine, Percocet, Vicodin and other meds, according to
a new report in Star. But since that left Lindsays body dangerously low on drugs, she's been secretly asking her friends to smuggle in some new ones.

Sources say:
Even though cell phones and BlackBerrys are not allowed in the $1,600/day Malibu facility, a Star source says Lindsay managed to get a BlackBerry in and has been pleading with "friends" to bring her just what she doesn't need - sleeping pills."She's in rehab because of her addiction to drugs - everything from cocaine to OxyContin and Ambien - but she's complaining she can't sleep," a "close friend" said. "She's been texting friends 24/7, begging them for pills!"

the Enquirer says pretty much the same:
"She's just playing at getting sober. She was supposed to share quarters, but she insisted on having her own private room," the pal added. "And while group therapy is a huge part of substance-abuse recovery. Lindsay went only once and then refused to return."Another pal insists that Lohan is using her time at the clinic to plan her 21st birthday bash in Las Vegas.The actress reportedly plans on taking over a whole floor at Caesars Palace casino for her party in July."Lindsay's using her month-long stay to plan her 21st birthday party, scheduled to take place days after she's released," the friend claimed."Lindsay's number one priority is her birthday bash - and she's not planning a sober party."



RWgirl said...

She's going to die.

stevobar said...

Thanks for your succinct analysis, rwgirl...

RWgirl said...

I dunno. That's the only thing that popped into my head when reading the article.

I guess that's what happens when I post drunk.

Shovelhead said...

I was only joking (kind of) before but if 1/2 of this is true - my hats off to those that took LiLo in their '07 Dead Pool. Just FYI - the January 1st odds on LiLo were 30/1 (Anna Nichole Smith went off at 50/1.)

Hope she has Purple Cross.

Steve said...

Well, rwgirl, FWIW, MY first thought was exactly the same.

Especially if she goes 3 weeks without. Her tolerance will have dropped, and she'll try to pick up where she left off.

Dateline Las Vegas:
Lindsay Lohan was found dead today in her hotel room. The actress had just celebrated her 21st birthday.