Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Britney Spears and her nasty extensions.

I don't like these one bit. Why can't she just embrace the fact that she shaved her fucking head, and take those icky things off of her scalp and just embrace her baldness? She is just really very annoying, and I am annoyed with myself that I still keep writing about her. grr.


stevobar said...

Why don't you write about her shaved coochie pie instead...that's even more disgusting than her head.....thank g-d she's keeping that thing under wraps these days.

steve said...

She's not aging well at all. With or without hair extensions.

Shovelhead said...

If her "hair" was not afixed her empty head, the EPA would declare it a SuperFund Site. Gross, grizzly and definitely not sanitary.

Seumas said...

These are NOT hot sluts.

She needs a knife, some crack and fishnets.