Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Lindsay Lohan & the chick from TRL on MTV

The other chick is also Nick Lachey's girlfriend, and you know Nick Lachey because he used to be married to Jessica Simpson. Hmm. This is just weird. Discuss.


RWgirl said...

That's damn creepy. And not at all sexy.

steve said...

This is an excellent example of why people like this need writers and directors and professional handlers.

Joe said...

The one seriously lazy eye seems to be emerging as the best indication of when these kids have been partying a little too hard. See Paris, et. al.

Shovelhead said...

If it was a guy, I could see it, but what the hell is so fascinating for this other gal to see down LiLo's top?

Seumas said...

Say what you will, but those are some hot sluts.

I can't stand Lohan, but come on - booze, cocaine and butcher knives. The only thing that would make this hotter is if they were wearing tight shirts, fishnets and black lipstick.

derick said...


That is not Vanessa Minnillo. Vanessa is a woman and this is a girl. Vanessa has huge titties and fleshy arms, and a waist not nearly as slight as this girl with Lindsay. The lips are wrong, the cheek bones to high, chin too narrow, and on and on and on.

From where are you getting your information?

And as usual, idiots like Shovelhead and Sewermass are hear buying whatever misinformed drivel you are selling.


Seumas said...

That is not Vanessa Minnillo.

Bzzzt! Wrong.

She even commented on the incident, saying she was caught up in the moment.

From where are you getting your information?

In a fraction of the time it took you to post that message, you could have found the answer yourself.


stevobar said...

Derick - thank g-d you are hear(sic) to set us straight with your juvenile vitriol....why don't you go do something more constructive, like attending a pro-Dick Cheney rally?

RWgirl said...


Why on earth would anyone troll here?

Are the Loose Change message boards that slow?

Lish said...

F'ing, Yuck.