Friday, June 08, 2007

She's back in jail!

Paris arriving at the Lynnwood Correctional Facility moments ago, where she'll be (hopefully) spending the remainder of her 45-day sentence.


P33KAJ3W said...


Wood said...

Absolutely fucking deserved.

Especially after her pre-jail press conference where she said she CHOSE "regular jail" over "pay jail" (wtf is that anyways?) and that she was ready to prove she can do it.

Welcome to the real world princess.

Seumas said...

God I hope someone slis her a belt and detracts the guards. You know life isn't worth living, Paris. Do the right thing. For all of us.

Shovelhead said...

Wait! What was that? I ALMOST had a nano-second of empathy/pity.

Thank God that passed and I can get back to hating her effing guts and laughing 'til my spleen hurts.

Theresa said...

She looks like shit. Even shittier than usual. I am so happy for her.