Friday, January 26, 2007

First scan of a page of Paris' journal

Damn. In one page the girl expresses that she has problems with drinking, drugs, and bulimia. She really should have paid that storage unit bill.

Not a picture post

I know that this blog is usually all about images, but I thought that this was fascinating and I figured that hey, if you read this, you're probably interested in the same superficial bullshit I am so I'm going to post it. So, here's what's going on: Paris Hilton was renting a storage unit, and she forgot to pay her rent for a few months (at a total around a whopping $200) so she lost her lease, therefore losing custody of her belongings that she had inside. Her people are freaking out, because she left a TON of personal shit in there and somebody now has it all in their possession. There's an entire website dedicated to the findings, but I found a list of some of the things found. Enjoy!

* Prescription bottles for Hydrocodone, a painkiller similar to OxyContin used to manage anxiety disorders, post-party sleep aid Ambien and the herpes medication Valtrex.

* A medical bill from a Los Angeles clinic, billing an "Amber Taylor" - with the same birth date as Paris - for a miscarriage in March 2003.

* A journal analyzing her booze-fueled dreams.

* Her reality TV co-star Nicole Richie's University of Arizona ID card.

* Sister Nicky's Nevada marriage certificate.

* Several bank statements, including one with an ending monthly balance of just $9.26.

* Home videos she shot of visits with her sick grandmother.

* To-do lists that include an assortment of errands, including a reminder to buy Christmas gifts.

No stranger to negative publicity, Hilton is nonetheless "incredibly upset and angry" and feels "victimized" by the blatant invasion of her privacy, according to her spokesman, Eliot Mintz.

He blamed a "bureaucratic foul-up" and is threatening legal action - demanding the items be pulled from the site because it invades his client's privacy.

"We are going to explore all of our legal options about this matter," said Mintz. "She is enormously upset."

Among the hours of video footage on the site is a series of short tapes of a naked Hilton being filmed by Joe Francis, the "Girls Gone Wild" creator, and her former fiancé, Jason Shaw.

Francis tapes the dazed and confused heirhead - first taking off her red bikini top on a yacht in St. Tropez, then later swooshing around in a bubble bath while he begs her to show him her body.

And she doesn't disappoint - eventually hosing off the bubbles.

But on another tape, where Francis is not present, she calls him a "rich loser."

Some of the items show a tender side of Paris - like when she's lying in bed with Shaw, a chiseled Tommy Hilfiger model. She's seen giggling, kissing him and playing with his hair.

Other videos are taped using night vision: she gets drunk and dances on banquettes with Tara Reid, and tapes a shirtless fat guy doing cocaine lines off his own belly.

In Cancun, she describes herself as "the hottest person in the world."

Hilton also tapes rambling messages to friends while filming herself in the mirror, saying she's too busy "smoking pot and eating burgers."

Hilton is also obsessed with to-do lists and details her wacky errands meticulously: "Vet app't - for teeth and wiener, send book to Ford, call Kim, make Xmas list, pick up cage from grandmas, buy a Sidekick, buy Nicky phone - and wrap it."

Scrawled across an entire page is a reminder to "Get s-t out of car!"

Also buried in the book are cut-and-paste collages Paris created of herself - made of paparazzi shots torn from magazines.

Crumpled love letters to the heirhead from ex-fiancé Shaw are scribbled on hotel stationery and reveal intimate details of their time together.

"I could shovel s-t and be happy because I'm with you," he writes.

"I love you. I love the way you move. I love the way you smile."

He also writes about Paris to himself in a diary that she kept: "I am angry at Paris. She always seems to do the wrong thing. She always loses her phone. That is a reason I cannot get in touch with her. It hurts. I feel this pain inside knowing that we do not love equally."

We also get a peek into what Hilton actually does to pass the days instead of work - there are highlighted movie scripts, directions to auditions, scheduled model shoots, appointments with interviewers and movie studios, an actors-union card, voice-lesson reminders and photo proofs of herself.

A number of ID cards - both fake and real - are in their own category.

Hilton's California driver's license is in there along with a fake Ohio resident card, which states she was born in 1979.

She has Nicole Richie's University of Arizona card from her short stint in college and a credit-card-sized fake ID card labeled "Superstar" with a photo of ex- pal Britney Spears.

Hundreds of still photos of her with friends are displayed, along with a scan of the original marriage certificate of sister Nicky's short-lived Vegas wedding to Todd Meister.

Hilton's extensive list of friends' phone numbers is scrawled on everything from dirty napkins to envelopes.

Among the names are Pauly Shore, Kim Stewart and George Maloof, owner of the Palms hotel in Las Vegas. But most are listed by their first names only.

- she took a long bubble bath in front of joe francis and they joke about selling the tape later on (oh how ironic), and about her sex tape (which she seemed to think was funny)- and he kept telling her to give him a show, and she stood up and you just saw her naked (again)........not suprising

- there was a video of her on a bed where there is a crotch shot (shes wearing underwear)- and you see, ew, a tampon string hanging out

- her and jason shaw do everything but have actual sex, she goes 'im on the rag' at the end

- she has prescriptions (there were medical documents online also) for percocet and valium, and one for bleeding. she also has a birth control thing and a medical file which says she had a miscarriage......

- according to her drivers license she is 108 pounds and 5'9 (not 5'10 or 5'11)

- theres an audio tape with her and nicole lenz where they talk about eachothers "smelly pus sies" (and those were their words not mine)

-theres a couple of letters sent from charities to paris, which she never responded to apperently (they were trying to get her to do an aids walk)

-her journals are on hello kitty pink paper and look like a 5 year old wrote them

- she says "I fuck in the butt for money"

- she has some interesting notes, one which says "nine and a half inch co ck" followed by a random phone number and one which says "Vet appt- get dogs weiner checked" haha

- she insults people from compton, saying "broke as s from compton" and "you're all ugly and poor" and a bunch of stuff like that

- there is ALOT of drug use, including pot and shrooms (she laughs and says the shrooms look moldy)- she does them anyways. both her and jason shaw, who was in alot of the videos, are high most of the time

- paris touches herself nude (shes nude in alot of them), and jason spanks her

- paris says "im so hot, im so gorgeous" plenty of times and calls others ugly.....oh yeah and she looks in the mirror and uses the camera as a mirror

-she writes in one of her little notebooks "jason and i like to make fun of others together" and she calls a girl a dy ke, and disses bijou phillips over the phone, going "who wants to go to a party with bijou phillips and cory feldman? what losers, they're so pathetic, its so lame"

- there are alot of videos in parties and big plates and lines of blow on many occasions on the tables

- she talks to someone who says he can get her all these different drugs

oh and i forgot one last thing- theres a video of nicole lenz and paris hilton talking, paris is telling a story about how she cut a whole line waiting to go to the bathroom in a club- and she says " and these security guys pull me out, and im like get off me ni ggers"

she said it with the 'r' at the end, and acted like she says that all the time, like it was no big deal

and they play alot a couple of prank calls (paris and nicky hilton) and calls girls ugly and 'buck toothed'

on one phone conversation, a guy is talking about how rick solomon got paris on heroin and hard drugs at a young age


Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Oh, Goldie

It always feels so wrong whenever I post a bad picture of Goldie Hawn, because I love her so. I can't, however, not show this to you, the people. You deserve to see it, even if it pains me to do so. Anyway, here she is in all her glory caught in an unfortunate mid-blink. Those are some big bags she's got going on under her eyes.

Here's some side boob action for you all

Sorry I haven't posted in awhile, but I've been a bit sick and there really hasn't been much going on in celebrity gossip. That being said, here we have miss Jessica Simpson in desperate need of a bra. Look good from the front, not so much from the side.