Thursday, September 20, 2007


Hey all,

So, I thought that I would be all slick and bring my camera cable to attach to the computer here, therefore being able to upload the many pictures that I've taken, but alas, I grabbed the wrong cord and only have one shitty camera phone picture to show you so far. I'm not sure if you care, or even know, but my number one goal in coming to NYC was to find out where the Sex and the City movie was being filmed (believe me, I know how sad this is), and see the main folks (a.k.a. Sarah Jessica Parker and Chris Noth) in person, and I succeeded -twice. Thanks to my handsome and charming friend Aaron, he was able to tip me off that they were filming in front of the Metropolitan Museum. I hustled up there, and saw the crew filming the first scene of the movie. Exciting stuff for me. Got many o' pic of them (and a lot of them very close-up, I was lined up next to the paparazzi and about 10 feet away from the actors) which I will post when I get home; here, however, is my crappy camera phone picture. Enjoy, and I'll write more soon!

Sarah D.