Friday, May 18, 2007

Bad. Very, very bad.

She's famous and rich, and her hair still looks like shit... Good lord, woman, you would think you could find someone to do your hair a bit better than this. Wrong.

Thursday, May 17, 2007


I'm not even really sure who this chick is, but I guess she's super famous in the UK, her name is Jodie Marsh. It just struck me as really depressing - to think that she's reached a point in her life where she has to stand in front of a sign that says 'Will you marry me?" wearing ribbons strapped around her chest to hold in her nipples. Ick. Looking at this just depresses me.

By the way, this saucy vixen is only 28 years old. Don't tan too much, kids.

LIza Minelli.

I had to check with Rick before I posted this to make sure she wasn't sick or something so that I could safely make fun of her - turns out she's in perfect health and I can. Wow. I never realized when I was watching Arrested Development how much make-up she wore... she looks like a dude.

LIndsay Lohan is Maxim Magazine's #1 hot girl...

...and here's her hot ass at the Maxim party. Damn. She needs to get some sleep and a new hair color, because she is looking BEAT and her looks are really going downhill. I agree, there was a point in time when I would have agreed with Maxim, but she is looking terrible and is completely undeserving of the 'hottest girl' title. Do you agree?