Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Anyone remember The Facts of Life?

In case you need some refreshing, this is what Lisa Whelchel used to look like, when she played Blair Warner on Facts of Life. Oh boy. Looks like she raided Britney Spears shitty hair extension collection.

BTW, this is a real picture, no photoshop.


Monday, November 20, 2006

This posting is where I COULD post Tom Cruise / Katie Holmes wedding news...

...but I don't care enough to, nor do I want to. I'm not going to support Katie Holmes, who was once a talented actress, finally marrying a forty-something mental case who has ruined her career and completely brainwashed her. Instead, here is a picture of her from Thank You for Smoking... the movie that she could have possibly won an Oscar for her part, but she declined.
R.I.P. Katie Holmes' career.



Stay away from Britney, you whorey girl! This is when she's supposed to clean UP her image, not hang around with Skanky McSkankerson herself. Although I have to say, Britney is wearing the worst outfit I've seen in awhile.

source, and more pics