Thursday, January 04, 2007

The creepy guy who wrote me on myspace.


Well you are probably thinking that i am just another guy with another profile.
viewing other profiles well i am not. To Tell you the truth; I think most woman are too
conservative for me. If you view
my profile you will see that i am looking for an Exotic,
Seductive, And passionate woman.I am not into the good girl type.I am looking for more of
someone along the lines of an Angelina jolie type of woman. not a girl. You see I love a woman
who have some level of power over people; It is a total turn on.I love a woman who can take
control. having power is a total turn on for me. I prefer power over looks anyday. it is also turn
on when a woman makes the first move.If you view my profile then you will probably
understand where i am coming from. I would love to visit your world and show you my
passionate side

The color black is also a turn on; I get totally turned on by a woman who wears black
( She does not have to wear it all the time)

Glen "

EDIT: Hey guys, I want to thank you for standing up for me during this, um, bizarre situation that has escalated to this guy actually making blog posts about it. I decided to take down the link to his myspace page because, as we can all see, this guy has had way too much attention as it is, and we should now leave him alone on his quest to find his perfect 'Angelina Jolie' woman. I know it's amusing, but it's starting to get weird to me that he's writing my website in his ABOUT ME section and writing me more emails... let's just move forward, eh? I love you all very much, you are RAD, and if I get another email like that I will be sure to post it. Thanks!

Not a Britney post!

...although she could be confused with her. I've been wondering what's been going on with Courtney Love lately, and alas, I found her. Melting.


...And yet another Britney post...

Okay, so 2007 so far is turning out to be a slow year in celebrity gossip, so I'm working with what I can... and that is Britney Spears. Here is a picture of her leaving a restaurant last night. Holy God. And to refresh your memories, I've also posted a picture of what she used to look like. Enjoy!

Wednesday, January 03, 2007

No, I'm sure that Britney wasn't drinking.

This photo has been all over the internet; I hesitated to post it at first because I thought it was photoshopped. After much research I have found that, no, those are, in fact, her eyes. This was right before she passed out after midnight, and her publicist claims that she wasn't drinking but instead she was "very tired". Hmm. You be the judge.