Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Nicholas Cage is a sexy sexy man.

Um, what's going on with the hair? Last I saw him he was a balding middle-aged man in Face-Off. Yes, Face-Off. I'm not ashamed; I liked that movie- bring it on, bitches! Anyway, the black bobbed half-wig that he's chosen to attach to the back of his head just ain't working. I hope to god he had it put on for a movie and just couldn't get the glue unstuck in time to rock the red carpet. Fingers crossed.

That nose job isn't working out so well for her.

Damn. I was giving the girl a break so that the swelling could go down (she had this nose job done a couple of weeks ago) but it looks like this is the way it's gonna be, so I'm going to post it. What the hell did she do to herself?? That is just so sad and wrong... she's already had so much work done, why did she have to keep messing with her face? Oh, poor Courtney.

More Paris Hilton shit.

You can find a bunch of pictures of other prescriptions and whatnot here. Wow.