Wednesday, January 31, 2007

More Paris Hilton shit.

You can find a bunch of pictures of other prescriptions and whatnot here. Wow.


seumas said...

Man, why didn't the guy just put a ransom on this stuff? I bet one could get a few hundred grand if you threatened to release it.

Hilton. Herpes. Two great tastes, in one!

Shovelhead said...

Damn, I just ate and now have to swallow or spit the urp!

Perhaps her saggy eye is in fact a giant herpes sore on her eyeball.

Can you imagine how many shitbox, greaseball guys are running to their doctors right now?


dementedd13 said...

Hum I wonder if Scotty J would still wants a piece of that

Theresa said...

Amazing how the youtube videos are now unavailable! Guess her attorneys are hard at work trying to repair the princess of skanks image! Good luck!

**why does it always take me at least two tries to get the word verification typed correctly :)??