Thursday, July 27, 2006

Feel free to take this out of context.

Here's Jessica Simpson enjoying her ice cream cone a bit too much. I really don't have anything else to say about this.


In case you haven't seen this

Poor Kenny Rogers, it's hard to believe that someone would do that to his pretty face (and don't you dare say it wasn't - he was quite the handsome man). I don't think there's any going back once you get the whole "eye tuck" thing... that shit is for life. Maybe if he grows his full beard back it'll detract from them a little bit. Probably not.

The ghost of Lindsay Lohan

Damn, this girl needs to take a night off every once in awhile. Now, I know we all tend to look like shit after a night of staying up too late, but she's out on the beach where she KNOWS she'll be photographed and she's walking around like a corpse. I'm not saying she partakes in drug-riddled, unhealthy lifestyle, but I am saying that this doesn't look like a normal, healthy 20-year-old.

Not Safe For Work...probably

...but it's too late now if you came to my page; sorry about that one. Anyway, this picture might be older, but I've never seen it before and since I haven't I figured I'd share it with you fine folks. I'm not sure what is more distracting in this picture, her bad uneven hair extensions, the disoriented, strung-out look on her face, or her nipple. Ah, probably the nipple. Enjoy!

Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Yeah, sexiest man alive.

See, everyone in Hollywood has to pay their dues. Sure, Brad Pitt is the picture of stature and attractiveness these days, but he started out looking like a douchebag when he was young like most of us. This is just one of a series of pictures where Brad is modeling various styles of the early 90s; this was hands-down the best one. I hope that when Jennifer Aniston is crying herself to sleep she gets on the internet and looks these old photoshoots up and has a good laugh. Of course, she was in Leprechaun, so that's not much better.

Anyway, here he is: Brad Pitt, who was not always picture-perfect.

A link to more pictures can be found here.

Tara Reid... Oh how I love this woman. You would think that she would have gotten it through her head by now that wearing a string bikini with your boobs noticeably sagging down while being drunk in public -again- might not be the best way to some positive PR. Maybe she secretly likes the negative attention; I mean hell, have you seen any pictures of her, basically ever, where she looks like she isn't wasted, and all of her body parts are actually covered in clothing? I know that I haven't. She needs to go get her money refunded for her silicone friends there pronto; she's only had them for a couple of years and they are already moving south.

I used to feel sorry for Tara, but now I kind of admire her. Think about it; it takes balls to walk around looking like shit, knowing you'll be publicly mocked, and instead you opt to get drunk where everyone can see you and you also choose to wear hardly anything at all. That takes some guts.

And another picture that got lost along the way...

This is another one that I had posted months and months ago that has long since been forgotten... I've decided the theme for today is one older bad picture of a certain celebrity paired with a new one. This is (in case you can't tell) everyone's favorite drunken party girl Tara Reid, looking like she either

a) sat on something sharp and is reeling in pain or

b) is in overwhelming ecstasy over the sight of Paris Hilton.

Either way, this picture just leaves me with an overwhelming icky feeling. Good luck trying to forget that face.

An oldie but a goodie...

It's kind of sad that my first two posts for today deal with Nicole Ritchie looking ridiculous, and yet, here I am. A while back some unpleasantness occured and I lost most of my images from my website, this being one of them... and happy of happy days, I stumbled across it on the internet this morning. Why Nicole, why? This picture still puzzling; why oh why would you be eating the king phallic of all phallic symbols in public? And who eats corndogs? I understand her trying to prove that yes, she's not anorexic, but it's just wrong. But it kind of makes me hungry.

Um, what is wrong with Nicole Ritchie's hand?

Looking at her face you can't really tell the horridness that has become her emaciated body. Okay, now look a little lower... underneath the fluffy dog. Look at the zombie arm. What the hell is going on with this girl? That is just not right. Somebody needs to help this poor girl asap; if her arms are looking like a 96-year-old woman's, it probably won't be long till it spreads throughout her whole body. Ew.