Thursday, January 04, 2007

Not a Britney post!

...although she could be confused with her. I've been wondering what's been going on with Courtney Love lately, and alas, I found her. Melting.



seumas said...


I tried not to say mean things about Courtney for the longest time because of some misplaced respect for my enormously loved Nirvana. But holy fuck, girl, how low can you go?! If I were Curt, I'd be thankful I kicked it early. Imagine spending your life waking up to Jabba the Hut every day?!

RWgirl said...
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RWgirl said...

[Insert tasteless Kurt Cobain suicide joke here]

Poor Francis, you know she's going to be insane... Or a fundie Christian.

EBITCH said...

NASTY! But, hey she's wearing black-maybe whats his nut douch from myspace might want some of that!
Gross out-she looked better when she was strung out. I wonder if her and Britt share the same makeup/wardrobe staff?

Theresa said...
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Lish said...

That woman needs to stop having plastic surgery. The first couple operations helped her out but now, she's just destroying her face. What is wrong with her nose???