Thursday, May 17, 2007


I'm not even really sure who this chick is, but I guess she's super famous in the UK, her name is Jodie Marsh. It just struck me as really depressing - to think that she's reached a point in her life where she has to stand in front of a sign that says 'Will you marry me?" wearing ribbons strapped around her chest to hold in her nipples. Ick. Looking at this just depresses me.

By the way, this saucy vixen is only 28 years old. Don't tan too much, kids.


Seumas said...

You can tell she's familiar with the gangbang.

Steve said...

I figured there was more to this, so I found her website. It's some sort of pathetic publicity stunt:

"I'm getting married in September this year but I don't have a husband! MTV are filming my search and the first audition is this Sunday in London. Gotta go and do some more filming now so can't go into any detail right now (sorry it's short).... will write again later on tonight with ALL the details but for now go to for dates and venues of the auditions!!! You can also print out the application form on the site and send it in to me with a picture if you can't make the auditions! I know my soul mate is out there - GET IN TOUCH!!!!!!!!!!! x x x x x"

Any takers?

Seumas said...

The best thing is that for every lifetime spent pursuing women's equality in the world, there is one dumb desperate bitch like this that sets everything back five or ten years and counters dozens of activists.

Soulmate. Hahaha.

Shovelhead said...

Well, the basic ingredients are there:

Blonde - check
Tall - check
Breasty - check
Not fat - check

Um . . decent booty call at best.

Richard said...

Right. I'd do her. But marry her? Nuh uh.

gay bob said...

For once, I'm speechless!

Blingmaster General said...

Marry? No.

Hit it and quit it? Yes.