Friday, January 26, 2007

First scan of a page of Paris' journal

Damn. In one page the girl expresses that she has problems with drinking, drugs, and bulimia. She really should have paid that storage unit bill.


seumas said...

clean house - organize life
be sober
be honest with everyone
throwing up

Might as well put "don't kill people" and "don't eat babies" on there, too. What the hell?!

Thanks for making me laugh so hard I literally cried. My stomach actually hurts from laughing every time I read this now. Such GOLD!

Frankly, I almost feel a little bad for her. But she's super rich and popular and I'm just some complete middle class asshole male, so she can eat a dick. :D

Theresa said...

Paris writes
"Trust those who you are close with."

She doesn't need to worry about other people sabotaging her..she is doing a DAMN good job of sabotaging herself!

seumas said...

Oh, wait. is "clean house" a euphemism she's using for "organize life"? I thought they were essentially separate items. I was trying to figure out why Paris Hilton would be cleaning her own house.

Holy crap, I'm retarded sometimes.

Shovelhead said...

"Get a sponsor"??? What the F?

How about Clorox Bleach to sponsor the mass cootie wash you so desparately need?

czenger said...

boy and I thought MY life was fucked up? I guess money really doesn't make it all better...

gay bob said...

Well, seumas, we already know she can eat a 9 1/2" dick.

derick said...

I have never wanted Paris more than I do now. It's hot when chicks are messed up. I mean, you could beat her up after dinner and before bed time and she wouldn't even notice.

Paris, where a man can be a man.

seumas said...

I think the "sponsor" was a reference to an alcoholics anonymous sponsor, perhaps.

As for her being hot... being crazy and messed up doesn't compensate for complete fugliness. A completely messed up and crazy Scarlet Johansen is hot. Even maybe a Lohan. But a Hilton?! Eew.