Friday, June 08, 2007

Paris Hilton, crying as she's carted away in a police car. I have no words.


..and another pic from the back, not as exciting but it's Paris so I'm posting it, yo.


Gary said...

Oh good god, yes!

Jim said...




Joe said...

She's doing that thing whereby she cries to get what she wants.

I'm not trying to point out the obvious; look at the faces of the cops who are being forced to listen to that crap -

my little kid used to do that... but how old is Paris nowadays?

Can't the sheriff see? Paris needs some jail time to help her grow up!

A little girl throwing a tantrum...

FCFdreamin' said...

This is nothing short of sheer beauty, has anyone found video of her screaming after the (re)sentencing? If so where?

Shovelhead said...

She looks just like Martha Stewart!