Thursday, June 07, 2007

In case you live under a rock...

...Paris Hilton was let out of jail this morning, after only serving three days of her sentence and it's fucking ridiculous. Here's the story:

Paris Hilton -- Free Woman

Posted Jun 7th 2007 8:52AM by
TMZ Staff
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TMZ has learned that Paris Hilton has not only had her sentence cut short, she is already out of jail!Unimpeachable sources tell TMZ the deal was sealed yesterday, and that Hilton made her exit early early this morning. She was originally sentenced to 45 days in jail, but that was reduced to 23. She served a total of five days -- the normal stay for a violation of this kind.

Her five days began Sunday night and concluded early Thursday morning.The L.A. County Sheriff's Department will hold a news conference in an hour to discuss what went down. UPDATE 10:16: LA County Sheriff's spokesman Steve Whitmore says that Paris Hilton has been fitted for an ankle bracelet and put under house arrest for the next 40 days, after authorities decided to release Paris from jail due to medical reasons.

She got out of jail just after 2:00 AM.
Whitmore says he cannot release details about Paris' "medical issue" due to confidentiality, but said that medical officials "constantly examined" her while she was in jail.

Paris will be under house confinement in her West Hollywood home for 40 days. After the 40 days are up, Whitmore says she will have "fulfilled her debt to society."Whitmore made it clear that Paris was not released early -- she was reassigned.

She is technically still in custody.

bull to the shit.


Seumas said...

I told you guys she wouldn't even serve 15 days. The reports have varied from various organizations as to why she was able to be sent home, but among them are:

+ She had a rash.
+ She had "mental problems"
+ She was crying a lot
+ She was refusing to eat

Poor girl. Sent home to house arrest in a mansion. However will she survive? What a true punishment.

And who doesn't think that this wasn't arranged prior to her even doing time? I gaurantee she doesn't even have an ankle bracelet on. I suspect that BEFORE she ever went in, they negotiated that she would be hidden out somewhere (remember, nobody saw her go in to begin with) and the public would be told she was in jail. Then she would be let out on some emergency after a few days and sent home... and since we don't have a picture of her, how do we know she has an ankle bracelet on? We don't. She probably doesn't. They just told her "we'll put you up in a nice hotel and then send you home after 72 hours - just don't leave your home for 40 days and we won't even strap a monitor to your leg".

Steve said...

seumas, you didn't mention the obvious "medical reason": withdrawal.

Another example of LA "Celebrity Justice".

Richard said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Richard said...

Los Angeles County Sheriff Lee Baca can be reached at:
323-526-5000 or by email:

In case you'd like to voice your disapproval at Paris Hilton's early release.


Seumas said...


I wasn't sure if you were talking about cocaine or alcohol, but the first thought in my head was "cock".

But maybe that's what you meant, too. :)

F this bitch. Seriously. God damn.

(By the way, my captcha for this post was anddy!).

gay bob said...

Sarah, in this particular case, did you really have to delete that post?

Seumas said...

Bob, if you're talking about the message above at "4:17 PM", it states that it was removed by its author.

Richard said...

Sheriff Lee Baca's direct email address:

stevobar said...

Seumas - Let's all wait for Derick to weigh in...He always seems to have the most cogent insights on these matters.

And by the way, rwgirl...yes, Jesus loves you, and so do I... and since you choose to characterize me as a troller,what do you suggest for my food allergy to Salmon (the other pink meat)?

Shovelhead said...


Shit! Now I can't stop crying.

stevobar said...

Shovelhead - get a grip,'re our rock.

Seumas said...


Paris Ordered Back To Court

The original judge has ordered Paris back to court tomorrow to investigate the justification for not serving out the rest of her sentence.

This guy needs the famed Rick Emerson Show Gift Basket for Doin' What Needed Doin'.

Also, supposedly she was released because she was suicidal. I thought they just put you in a special ward and kept you on suicide watch? So now you can get out of your sentence by telling them you wanna die?,,4-2007260499,00.html

gay bob said...

I'll take that "DUH" Seumas.