Friday, August 04, 2006

Britney Spears is HIGH

Okay, so I know the image isn't turning out on this post, but if you click on the blank box next to this you can watch the most bizarre video of Britney I've ever seen... that girl is on the drugs.



Other Rupert said...

Maybe she accidentally too 2 suppositories instead of her usual ¼!
You know how it is with horse pills.

Anonymous said...

"Is it possible to time travel speed?"


JC said...

Oh My God! What a freaking tool! They both need to be sterilized. That genetic line should not continue. STOP BREEDING! You skanky ass whore! You are a violation of nature and as such should be shuffled off the mortal coil. Ugh!

Todd W. said...

I'm just commenting to see if clicking on the wheelchair icon works.

Seriously...what is that for?

Jareth said...

With that video, I think the command strength of noble
Prize winners from present past and future are
allowed to bitchslap her brain.

todd w
My wheelchair when clicked says 57941. Odd... Talking about the wheelchair makes me sound like i have the mental capacity of britney

Capt. Kirk said...

Drugs are bad mmmmkay.
But, you know, nice boobs and stuff.

Capt. Kirk said...

The wheelchair is for the visually impaired to be able to log in.

Kurt said...

Filmed back when she was still doable. Read: Pre-Childbirth.

Catshoe4 said...

I've heard of getting them young,
But pre-birth... I guess that would be legal as Fetus'ses are not quit human yet!

Bad Boy Bubby said...



brought up on charges.

tom said...

If placenta is after-birth, could you be brought up on charges for not treating it right?

saint caedmon said...