Monday, July 31, 2006

Keifer Sutherland wears tighty-whities.

Thank god this picture isn't zoomed in any closer... I don't need to see any more detail on what is already too much of his underwear. What in God's name was he thinking?? That is a DIRTY VINYL BOOTH in a crusty karaoke bar... and his ass is all over it. Ew. You know, I've been to my fair share of karaoke bars, singing a little Total Eclipse of the Heart, but I know that you are supposed to keep your pants on. There is so much going on in these two images I don't even think I can keep my head straight. Friend looking weirded out next to Keifer showing his naughty bits? Check. Friend looking excited about Keifer's pants-dropping? Check. Christian Slater singing karaoke while Keifer Sutherland shakes his penis around? Check and check. Good times.

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