Monday, July 31, 2006

Tara Reid... Oh how I love this woman. You would think that she would have gotten it through her head by now that wearing a string bikini with your boobs noticeably sagging down while being drunk in public -again- might not be the best way to some positive PR. Maybe she secretly likes the negative attention; I mean hell, have you seen any pictures of her, basically ever, where she looks like she isn't wasted, and all of her body parts are actually covered in clothing? I know that I haven't. She needs to go get her money refunded for her silicone friends there pronto; she's only had them for a couple of years and they are already moving south. I used to feel sorry for Tara, but now I kind of admire her. Think about it; it takes balls to walk around looking like shit, knowing you'll be publicly mocked, and instead you opt to get drunk where everyone can see you and you also choose to wear hardly anything at all. That takes some guts.

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Kurt said...

I've never seen cellulite on a stomach before.