Monday, July 31, 2006


I haven't been this excited to post a picture in a long time - this is fucking GOLD. Here is Britney Spears, in all of her raven-haired glory, basking in a giant robe, grabbing her boobs, and desperately trying to look sexy - goddamn it's sad. I had heard rumors (it's true, I run with a pack of shallow miscreants and we talk about trivial things such as plastic surgery) that she did, in fact, have collagen injections in her lips; I think this picture deems that to be true. This is just one of many pictures that will be featured in Harpers Bazaar magazine, I'm sure you'll want to go pick up a copy.**EDIT** I've had a couple of people doubt that this is Britney Spears (I'm looking at you, Rick Emerson) so here is a picture of the cover.

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Anonymous said...

um, it looks like her belly button is in the wrong place. weird.