Friday, December 01, 2006

Perez Hilton is down!

Is it the beginning of the end????

(Perez Hilton)

...I know a lot of people don't care, but this is huge

Yes, I am lame.

EDIT: And now it's back up. Dammit. It was fun while it lasted.


Anonymous said...

I totally care. I hate hate hate HATE Perez, but I can't stop going ti his website. It needs to go away so I can stop. I knew he would get his come uppance soon!

seumas said...

I find Perez amusing, because there's nothing better than some vulture skanking a living off of a bunch of other vultures. It's like enjoying watching a lawyer get screwed over by a fellow lawyer. They all deserve it.

Anonymous said...

The site isnt down. Sad to say. Hes still posting as of this afternoon.

gay bob said...

Sarah, you bitch. Now you've got me addicted to that heinous website. Bitch, bitch, bitch.

Anonymous said...

When is Perez Hilton not down??????

Anonyma'am said...

Who in the hell did Perez go down on now?