Thursday, November 30, 2006

Perez Hilton

...Okay, this just came out: Perez Hilton has finally stolen (and made a ton of money off of) enough pictures from other blogs, and x17 Online is suing his ass - for over 7.5 million dollars. Now, you know that my blog consists of pictures and info that I get from other blogs, but the difference between Perez and other bloggers is that we credit the other blogs for pictures (the source thing at the bottom of each blog); he does not. He's been making a shit ton of money off of taking photos from paparazzi websites like X17, and now they are trying to take some of it back. Good luck! (FADED YOUTH)


seumas said...

Basing your business plan around illegal activities, then gaining traffic, members and attention based on those illegal actions until someone offers you money to take over your userbase and then going "legit" is how the internet works.

Napster's entire business model was built around content they didn't own, until they had so many users and eyeballs that someone bought them for enormous sums of money and they suddenly went "legit". Same with a lot of other businesses (youtube, for example) in the last ten years.

It's like a car dealer starting out by going down the street to steal cars from a competitor and then selling those cars as his own, until he has amassed enough word of mouth and bankroll from that to finally go legit and buy his own cars and stock his own inventory for his own dealership.

Unfortunately, that doesn't seem to be working for Perez.

Anonymous said...

Perez is way to blatant with his actions.

Anonymous said...

Can someone explain why he's also drawing little white dots and shit all over the pictures? Are those supposed to be cumshots or something? Does he think it's cute? It's just stupid looking.