Thursday, November 30, 2006

Gossip Links

Lindsay Lohan has started going to AA (NYPOST)

Travis Barker and Shanna Moakler (the chick who tried to kick Paris Hilton's ass for making out with Travis - aka my hero) getting back together? Hmm. (TMZ)

Paris teaches Britney how to strip. Okay. (THE SUN)

...Oh, and Britney Spears is also bisexual (THE SUN)

Anna Nicole Smith is exported (TMZ)

GQ hosted a party, here are some pics... yes, free booze, Lindsay Lohan was there (MOLLYGOOD)

Britney Spears goes out in pants. No one cares. (I'M NOT OBSESSED)

Her heart is in the right place, but Lindsay Lohan is retarded. And can't spell. And is retarded. (THE INDEPENDENT)

...and, apparently, a coked-out whore (X17 ONLINE)

No words. (D-LISTED)


Anonymous said...

who the fuck cares about these bimbos enough to actuallly waste the time filming them.

seumas said...

+ They don't make enough 12-step programs to fix that girl's problems. Do you think she cries during sex? Man, that'd be hot.

+ I felt bad sending that article to Rick lastnight, but then I remembered that she's the whore that RUINED HERBIE THE LOVE BUG!

+ Already knows how to strip. We've watched on stage for years now.

+ Paris would make the most bored, disinterested, bland stripper ever.

+ I keep telling you, she's going to go on a lesbo-bender post-marriage.

+ She looks better in pants. It's a shame about the butter-face.

+ I thought Al Gore was the guy who played him on SNL. It's sad when you look like a charicature of yourself.

+ Why is Lohan wearing a bedsheet and why does it look like invisible forces are pulling her boobs in separate directions? You could drive a hummer between those things.

seumas said...

Also -- in the Paris Hilton video, it sounds like she's listening to The Teaches of Peaches . . . ?