Wednesday, November 29, 2006

And 3.

Britney last night.

Sans panties.


I am, honestly, too furious to type... lame, but true. Grr.
An uncensored pic of her here (not a close up - thank god).

...and a close-up. Is it her private area or peachish panties? I really can't tell. Hmm. Please discuss.



K said...

Could she maybe be wearing purty pink panties?

Or maybe a flesh tone thong?

gay bob said...

At the rick of repeating myself, just another chapter in the on going adventures of "Skanky McHo."

Anonymous said...

K Fed must have a "man part" the size of a water buffalo to have been able to get any traction in the wide, dark, wider, murky, widest tunnel of love that is Brittany. Or maybe those kids were artificially inseminated using an 8" diameter PVC pipe connected to a leaf-blower.

The Low said...

Have you ever wanted to bang a star less than before after having seen her naked bits?

Anonymous said...

Sarah, I can't help but feel that Britney is just pussing...I mean, pushing us away with this behavior. I smell tuna.

seumas said...

If you look north a couple of feet, you can also see that she's sporting a full-on Courtney Love face, too. Ick. Ugliest photo ever.

Except for the fat naked ass photo.

Anonymous said...

Think a minute (eyes off the pix, please). Even a mental zero like K-FEDEX and a $5.00 attorney can now easily make the case to get the kids, child-support and a ton of palimony. Who's watching the kids while Brits and Paris party every goddam night? What "responsible" parent (mother) flashes her hole at every turn? That is indeed a Courtney Love drug face if ever there was one. This cals for a whole new level of rehab!