Tuesday, November 28, 2006


I think that somebody is desperate for attention, and her name is Lindsay Lohan. How lame... going to a store and buying gold handcuffs just to show them off to the waiting paparazzi, shamefully trying to detract attention from the new BFF's Britney and Paris.
So sad.


Anonymous said...


seumas said...

You know, the more weird, pathetic, slutty and crazy and attention-whoreish Lohan gets, the hotter I find her. A couple months ago, I couldn't tell you the difference between Lohan and any other random hollywood chick and she was pretty average to repulsive.

But now. Yum. Well, sometimes. The really fugly photos don't do anything for me!

Jareth said...

I think its touching.... the photo reveals how she spent the thansgiving with dad?


Anonymous said...

Could just be a therapist-recommended device to keep the spoon away from her nose.

synch said...

Well, no, those are sunglasses.
Look carefully.... just big, ugly sunglasses.