Friday, December 01, 2006

Gossip Links

Lindsay Lohan's mother can't keep her fucking mouth shut (TMZ)

Britney Spears is doing it on purpose. (FOX)

...and she continues to wear pants (X17)

Pink pulls a Britney... but is actually wearing underwear (TMZ)

Tom Cruise is releasing an album. Good lord. (E CANADA)

Will Ferrell thinks Lindsay Lohan is a freak. (NY POST)

I think Courtney Love is rad. (LIFE & STYLE)

Nicole Richie is a dumb whore (CELEBRITIES)

K Fed is going to have a reality show (US)

Have a great weekend


Theresa said...

Where can I pre-order the Tom Cruise album? I am waiting with great anticipation for it's arrival :) I will send my copy to the Rick Emerson show so you guys can immediately start critiquing it.

seumas said...

Paris Hilton struck the most awkward pose we've ever seen while at the Arby's Action Sports Awards last night.

If you're a billionaire, why in the FUCK are you showing up to "Arby's Action Sports Awards"? Seriously, what a dull attention whore.

anonymous the third said...

If Tom Cruise releases that piece of whoring, I vow never to watch any of his future movies.
But, how about a B-Side featuring Goose and Iceman? I think Anthony Edwards and Val Kilmer are available.

AnonyMa'am said...

Fuck Paris Hilton. She is nobody without her money. God I hate her!