Thursday, June 28, 2007

Paris Hilton on Larry King. Lame.

Bland, uninteresting, non-controversial, pandering, bullshit. I'm glad that I spent last night watching the first season of Lost and not this crap.

EDIT:'s a clip of a show on MSNBC that refused to make their lead story about Paris Hilton. Brilliant.

Thanks, Squid!


Seumas said...
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Seumas said...

Sarah, I think you're right in your comment to Rick about not letting Paris suck him in.

I am letting Paris suck me in. Buying into the bullshit. Skeptical, but hoping she proves us wrong. I must reach deep inside and once again find my hate.

Shovelhead said...

Larry King should do 45 days in jail for his on-air DUI (Delivering Uninteresting Interview).

10 to the suck-th power of lame, gutless, ass-kiss interview.

Here's what King can engrave on his tombstone to immortalize his stupidity:
Paris - 1, Larry King - 0