Friday, June 29, 2007

Madonna really needs to put down the weights.

Damn... her arms are just freaky-looking. If she didn't have the boobs in the front and you don't look at her face, she totally looks like a muscley dude. I know that she's all in shape and constantly working out, but that just looks wrong... almost as if her head is pasted on someone else's body.


Seumas said...

A muscle-y dude annorexic dude. Like MTV's Jesse Camp after a month of starvation. And her face is all gaunt and freaky.

Then again, isn't she in her 50s? She's going to start getting that weird post-menopause hair mole thing on her face soon.

What a creepy broad.

tommyboy said...

What? That's not Willem Dafoe? Coulda fooled me.

Shovelhead said...


They're not just for pro wrestler dudes anymore!

Theresa said...

Her arms look even worse than Angelinas!

Seumas said...

I think I have it.

Compare Madonna with this photo of Iggy Pop

Randy said...

Not a typical photo of her...I think they caught her at a candid moment between feedings on the soul of Guy Ritchie.