Friday, June 29, 2007

Michael Jackson with his children.

Fucked up.


Seumas said...

I normally don't give a damn about famous people and their kids, but this actually makes me kind of sad. Those kids are going to be so corrupted and freaky and ruined. Surely he's going to home school them through highschool... And I wonder how much time they get to play with other kids? And do they have to wear the masks then -- or only in front of the media and public?

I presume he does this in some attempt to shield them from the public and give them some privacy. But in his retarded attempt to keep them from growing up all messed up by the media and public attention, he's screwing them up even worse.

Shovelhead said...

You are looking at either:

1) Two teen suicides in the making
2) Two death cult convert recruits
3) Two pre-21 drug overdoses
4) Two mass murderers
4) Two very pathetic little souls whose only crime was being born to that walking zombie-freak, Michale Jackson.

I honestly wish them the good fortune to have Jacko die soon enough they can be liberated, then rehabilitated.

Seumas said...

I looked at the source and there isn't even an explanation of what is going on. Unless it's a somber occasion at church or a funeral, his kids look extremely grim. Seriously, look at their mouths? I don't see an ounce of joy or happiness or excitement to them.

I don't know which of your suggested likely paths is most likely for them. My mind can't really comprehend of the possible futures for these kids. Ugh.

Theresa said...

I wonder if they are scheduled for their first cosmetic surgery yet?

Randy said...

"I'd like you to meet my children, Zorro, Jr. and the Twin Peaks kid..."

Shovelhead said...

The eyes on these two poor little kids are as dead and lifeless as the nerves in their Dad's chin.

This is as sad and disturbing as anything I've ever seen posted on the net.

Seumas said...
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Seumas said...

I don't know why it only now occurred to me, but . . . doesn't the first photo look photoshopped? Michael looks out of place there. Or is he just so damn freaky that even in a real photo, he looks photoshopped into it?

The reason I ask is that - first of all - why would Michael and his kids be sitting on regular folding chairs and in what looks like PTA meeting?

And second, the last time I saw Michael with his kids in that televised documentary, his kids not only had masks on, but veils covering their entire faces. That was only a year or two ago.

gay bob said...

Sarah, your caption is such an understatement. Poor little bastards, I wish them well.