Wednesday, June 27, 2007

More boobs.

Britney Spears looks like a sumo wrestler. Here she is changing in some store without closing the dressing room door. Damn, this girl just screams class. This is my last boob post today, I'm starting to get grossed out. Ugh.


Seumas said...

Um. Since when does Britney have black nappy hair?!

Does anyone else desire to see her star in one of those "Slap Happy" porn series videos?

I can't imagine why Federline is spending time with her again, unless he's hurting for money.

Tony in the Couve said...

ahhh...come on Seumas... you would still hit it.


Seumas said...

I don't know about that... her boob looks like it's coming out of her armpit... *shudder*

Tony in the Couve said...

I looked very carefully at the boob in question, it's placement and orientation.

To be sure we were looking at something normal and mundane, I went to to examine as many other fine specimens as possible.

After a very careful and exhausting review of the evidence, I find that her boob placement falls well within the range of 'normal'.

Ill be in my bunk.


Shovelhead said...

Haaaa,haaaaa, ha, ha, ha!!!

The sumo black nappy topnot makes the boob irrelevant. No goddamn wonder she's been wearing the glue-y hair extensions. BTW - why is she letting someone (else) take pix of her semi-naked in a dressing room? Why? We've all see her flubby vagina by now, so what's left?