Thursday, December 07, 2006

Gossip Links

Lindsay Lohan has finally gone insane and thinks that Al Gore is going to help her with her problems. (PAGE SIX)

CariDee won America's Next Top Model! No one cares. (CW)

Britney Spears now owns underwear. (BRITNEY SPEARS)

Perez Hilton goes on Stern, says some things... (ICYDK)

Is Beyonce lying about her age? (MEDIA TAKE-OUT)

Scary Spice out of town when Eddie Murphy throws her under the bus, and finds out via the media she was dumped. Pretty sucky of him. (THE SUN)

Lindsay Lohan spits food out in public; acts like bitch. (NATIONAL ENQUIRER)


Anonymous said...

Finally gone insane? Cocaine is a heluva drug.

seumas said...

Geraldo Rivera says that he believes Britney is flashing her vagina around the place in promotion of her next new movie "In The Pink" and that this is all her attempt (under the guiding wings of Paris) to promote herself.