Thursday, November 09, 2006

Nicole Richie IS Jerri Blank

Boo ya.

In case you don't know where Jerri Blank is from, she's a character played by Amy Sedaris on Strangers with Candy.


Sara said...

LOL Except that Amy looks way better.

Anonymous said...

Christ; how hard is this? Eat a few banana splits before bed, some bacon and white bagels; voila! Hot Nickie again! Photoshop away the make-up and put this pix in black & white and it could be a holocost photo. Yuck!

seumas said...

Damn you, Sarah. You know you are responsible for about fifty percent of my nightmares, right?


gay bob said...

I hear you, Seumas!

Anonymous said...

Nicole could be an attractive girl if she wasn't so fucking thin! What is up with her.?.?

bad boy bubby said...

Usually "their people" eat chicken, not look like chicken.

Sorry racist sentence of the day.
My bad.