Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Britney Spears #2

...and another picture of her out and about... she's looking better, even though she is wearing way too much make-up and Sharon Stone's hair style circa 1994. Ah, looks like she's on the road to recovery.


Anonymous said...

OMG! I thought@ 1st it was a pic of Courntey Love!Not in a bad way. I dig C.Love she's cool and stuff

seumas said...

She'll never be hot again, period. All I can think when I see her is:

1) She's squirted out TWO kids in a short period of time! Eew!

2) She's had Kevin Federline's weiner in her a whole bunch of tiles. EEW!

anonymous the third said...

That looks more like an old Meg Ryan haircut.
And I agree with seumas. She's tainted.

Anonymous said...

Tainted maybe,but she islookin good I think. She can only GO UP @ this point

seumas said...

Well, I suppose if she somehow accomplishes a total revamp (really, those breasts just look like huge lumps of silly putty), we could always give that cooter a good bleaching to get out the K-Fed.

How long until she adopts an African kid? How long until she picks up a fake British accent, joins kabala and starts talking about how motherhood has balanced her and changed her life?