Friday, November 10, 2006

Lindsay Lohan thinks Paris Hilton is a c*nt.

I don't have a problem writing out the whole word, but after seeing it written out on on the screen it just looked ugly... so I added a happy little asterisk and all is right with the world. Gotta love the drunken rantings of a coked-out Lindsay Lohan.



seumas said...

I'm so confused. I thought you just posted pictures of them both dancing in boy underwear in a hotel room together awhile back? And I thought they were talking privately on myspace about how they secretly get along together and are playing with people pretending to have a spat between them? So why wouldn't this be more of the spame?

Also, Lohan is right, of course.

Cunt Cunt said...

That stoopid cunt should just cunt that cunt. Stoopid cunt!

Anonymous said...

Paris Hilton is a CUNT!

Jareth said...

I'm sorry, though worldwide c*nts are offended by that remark.