Thursday, July 19, 2007

Oh, the glamour of celebrity.

Behold: Britney Spears frolicking in the sun with her ass hanging out. I heart her.


Randy said...

Snarky comment #1:

A day without Britney's ass hanging out is like a day without sunshine.

Snarky comment #2:

Sensing the weakness in her victim, the soul vampire flies through the air to suck his life force.

Snarky comment #3:

Britney finally snaps and attempts suicide. But luckily she's caught at the last moment by a moustachioed Matt Lauer/David Arquette/Joey Buttafucco.

Steve said...

It is truly breathtaking and awe-inspiring how far this woman can push the sleaze envelope.

And on a daily basis, no less!

stevobar said...

Hey - at least her butt looks better than her cookie...

Seumas said...

I just can't get past the stupid wig.

Richard said...

is that Ron Jeremy???

Wood said...

My god, she has truly gone off the deep end, hasn't she? Who is that, her body guard?

"Lift me over, I can't walk! Oh and make sure that paparazzi gets a good ass shot while you're at it"

Really I just want her to go away.

Theresa said...

Lets start a panty drive for Brit! We should get a bunch of them together and mail them to her!
I doubt she would wear them but it would be funny.

Seumas said...

Thing is, I don't think she has to look ugly. She just needs to realize she doesn't have the body she had from Slave For You anymore and pay some stylist to make her up appropriately for her new body.

She probably wouldn't be "hot", but it wouldn't take much to at least look "nice".

Unless she WANTS this negative attention...?

gay bob said...

seumas, I dare say she's a true attention whore, and it doesn't matter what kind of attention she gets, as long as she gets it.

Shovelhead said...

Is there some part of woman's panties, or wearing them, that escapes Brittany? Is this too much for her hillbilly brain to encompass?

Brits - pay attention! - Three holes; a big one you step into, and one for each leg. Put in one leg, then the other, then pull up to your waist. Was that so hard?

Randy from Texas said...

Well, let me put it in my own sensitive, tasteful manner:

I think a lot of the deep resentment against Britney comes from the fact that when she was "hot as balls" and we were dying to see it, we couldn't...but when it's stretched out like a basketball net after two kids and no one wants to see it anymore, we can't escape it.