Thursday, July 19, 2007

Jeff Goldblum is still a sexy motherfucker.

Him at some awards show last night. He is rumored to be one of the possible fathers of Nicole Ritchie's unconfirmed baby. Although the thought of him deeming her good enough to stick his penis in disgusts me, I still find him oh so dreamy.


Randy from Texas said...

I've always liked Jeff Goldblum, but he had a reputation for taking a lot of crappy movie roles just so he could sleep with his leading ladies. Not that there's anything wrong with that, of course...I'd do the same thing...but it did keep him out of the proposed remake of The Ghost and Mr. Chicken that I wanted to see him in about 20 years ago.

stevobar said...

Please not to post any more pictures of men..they are all hideous and repulsive...I can barely stand the sight of my own mug, let alone some dork like Jeff friggin Goldblum...I'd rather look at ANY women on earth than a man...and I mean that.

Steve said...


First you tell us Rick thinks Paris Hilton is hot, then you tell us you find Jeff "The King of Sleaze" Goldblum sexy.

I'm starting to think the two of you have spent WAY too much time around radio transmitters.

Next, we'll learn that Scotty J has a thing for Hillary (I suspect he does).

(Your feet of clay are showing, but we still adore you)

gay bob said...

OK Sarah, this one I don't get

Seumas said...

You're all looking at this wrong. If Jeff Goldblum has a shot with Sarah, that means just about all of YOU have a shot with her! *snicker*

Seriously, I like Jeff Goldblum, but ick. Do I need to repost that photo of him naked and repulsive spread-eagle in the lapping ocean waves on the beach with a disgusting "oh" face, Sarah?

Rob said...


When he has is ass hanging out, then let's talk.

gay bob said...

Stevobar, may I refer you to "" Check and see if he's re-opened "fuck of the month club." You might change your tune just a teensy.

Shovelhead said...

Sarah - Just replay the scenes where Jeff Goldblum keeps hitting sleazily (a natural for him) on Laura Dern (a clearly married character) in Jurrasic Park. That is not an act.

How come Sarah's celeb pix of women are mostly with them at least partly nekkid and 100% stupid, but Goldblum gets a suit & tie, posed headshot?


stevobar said...

Gay Bob - While I stand by my previously stated opinion regarding the the hideous and repulsive nature of men, I must admit that my views were moderated by last night's Larry King interview with Tammy Faye...that poor woman. However, I still think Jeff Goldblum is a dorky looking nimrod..and a shitty actor to boot.
I just cringe when I listen to him reciting dialogue in Independence Day...he makes me long for William Shatner. What the hell is Sarah thinking???

Randy from Texas said...

Just remember that Hollywood is a cyclical place. Goldblum started out as a bit-part player (he was one of the rapists in Death Wish) and appeared in the short-lived buddy cop TV series Tenspeed and Brown Shoe (with Ben Vereen) before becoming a star. His star fading, he just appeared in the short-lived Raines, a TV cop show where he solved murders with the aid of the victims' ghosts. Death Wish 7, anybody?