Monday, February 12, 2007

You've gotta almost feel sorry for her.

...almost. Here's the latest in the saga of the exceedingly crappier life of Britney Spears. So sad. This Isaac guy seems like such a douche, I mean who actually says she lay next to him "like a limp rag doll in his arms"? Just put a cork in it, pathetic romance novel-quoting, desperately-looking-for-attention-failed-model-boy. Nobody wants to see your face.


seumas said...

The faster she implodes, the quicker we'll get someone more interesting and fresh to fill the void.

Theresa said...

Her taste in men is awful. What a group of sleezy looking wanna-be's they are! Actually, the guy she married for one day may have been her best bet. She should have given it a try.

gay bob said...

Nay, Nay, Sarah. I for one haven't seen enough!