Monday, February 12, 2007

Courtney Love?

Good god, it doesn't even look like her anymore. I can understand if someone wants to get a nose job to improve what the good lord gave them, but to put an entirely different nose on your face after you've been in the spotlight for years? Not a good move. Francis Bean is turning out to be a pretty girl, though - she looks so much like Kurt Cobain it's freaky. Stop messing with your face, Courtney!


seumas said...

As little as I care about Courtney freaking Love, I really would be interested in knowing more about Francis. I'm sure someday she's going to write a biography about her life with her mom and memories of her dad.

I just want to know how well adjusted she's managing to turn out, despite everything. Of all "famous kids", I really have the most sympathy for her. Frankly, I'm surprised she hasn't slashed at her wrists and had several minor overdoses already. :/

czenger said...

How could Francis possibly have ANY memories of Kurt...wasn't she just an infant at the time of his death?

Also, just wondering where Courtney is on the aforementioned "death pool"? She can't be too far behind Anna.