Thursday, February 22, 2007

Another day, another Britney Spears picture.

Since she's just checked herself into rehab for the THIRD time this morning, this might be one of the last pictures we'll see of her in awhile. This is just sad.... she's a fucking crazy train.


seumas said...

All I hear is Rosie's offensive impression of the mentally retarded saying "THANK YOOOOU!".

PS: Sarah, are you watching the Anal Nicole court thing right now?! Her mom's lawyer JUST keeled over in the courtroom. He's diabetic and one of the other lawyers rushed to him with a chocolate bar. OMFG I hope this stuff never ends. *tear*

seumas said...

Oh my god! She really has gone insane! Drudge has a photo on his site from X17online (which is currently down) of a bald Britney weilding an umbrella and smashing it at a car - "losing it at K-Fed's".


Theresa said...

Good god! Can you say evil laugh???? I bet she will soon be inducted into the Guiness book of world records for most times checked into rehab in a day.

Theresa said...

Seumas, I can't believe you get so much joy out of these "Fame Circus things"....I thought I was the only one!