Wednesday, November 15, 2006

A message for Britney Spears...

...left on the shower door of his dressing room from none other than Kevin Federline. He left this after he played his show full of ticket-holders that were there because a) the tickets were free or b) they wanted to catch a glimpse of Britney. This has been compared to his actual signature by many, and it's an exact match. What a moron, eh? Maybe he would have a stronger case to get custody of his two kids with Britney if he gave a shit about the first two he had with Shar Jackson. Yeah, that's right, Kevin, you already have other kids you should care about - you should have just written the truth: "Fuck a wife, give me money bitch!". Somebody should put this jack-ass out of his misery.



seumas said...

Conclusive proof that women don't care how smart, sensitive or intelligent a guy is. You just have to . . . uh . . . actually, what does this guy have again? He's too much of a tantrumy little whiney bitch to be "bad" or a the kind of "jerk" that girls like. He has no money or talent and looks like a retard. How is it he isn't dating some toothless KiwkMart cashier with stretch-pants and a used trailer?

Kevin, do humanity a favor and kill yourself. Your art will be remembered forever and you will instantly become a highly regarded musical genius, if you die. I promise. You can trust me on this. Come on -- just do it, buddy. Do it!

Anonymous said...

Just a breeder man. HOLY CRAP!
Brit so much better off w/o him.
I just hope she takes time off the man trail...ewww "man trail"!

seumas said...

I agree. Britany needs to go dyke for awhile! Remember that kiss with Madonna? Who would we like to see her muff diving with? She's about the right age and the right number of failed marriages and children into her life to start swearing off men for awhile and exploring the pink triangle (the gay pride symbol, not the vagina, you freaks).

anonymous the third said...

Ah, he's one step away from the soup line! I get it now!

Anonymous said...

K-Fed is a free mom?


Anonymous said...

This spelling-challenged dipshit thinks he's smart enough to extort $5-million from Brits in exchange for the sex tape plus the 2 brats? There is no place in hell bad enough for K-fed, unless it includes having to listen to his own shitty rap for eternity.

seumas said...

Are you sure it's $5m? I thought the Daily Mirror (or some other UK rag) said it was $26m (GBD)?

Im the talk of the town
Thats the reason why they stare
4 karats in my ear
If you look see a glare
Im - one of a kind
With a wonderful rhyme
Im skatin off in a 'rari
You'll get left behind
My raps fully automatic like an AR
Droppin - nothin but heat me an JR
Im livin life in the fast lane
Then the cash came
Fire wont quit, still burnin like a gas flame
They watch me
So i duck and roll
Middle fingers still up sayin fuck the globe
And my dawgs still down
We dont trust them hoes
I live life like a King
I was extra stoned
Kevin Federline -
I come tight with every rhyme
I built a kingdom down the street from pepperdine
This marijuana got me heavily sedated
Im Kevin Federline
America's most hated (what!)

tiffany said...

Nothing good comes from white trash breeding.

Jareth said...

The dude can write without crayons....thats so cool.