Friday, November 17, 2006

Lindsay Lohan: cutter?

Well, that's kind of sucky. Her publicist says that she "fell in some bushes". Sure. She's been wearing either a bandage or a thick bracelet on that arm for months... looks like we know why now.



seumas said...

I wouldn't be surprised. I sent Rick a site I found listing famous self-injurers and while pulls, hair pulling and burning ranked in the list, most of the self inujurers cut themselves.

Among those in the list are Johnny Depp, Princess Diana, Christina Ricci, Colin Farrell, Drew Barrymore and Sid Vicious.

I'd like to make some snarky comments and be a dick about it - and in a previous year, I surely would have - but after actually looking into it (and still not really understanding, but realizing that it usually is just a symptom of a bigger problem underneath), I can't bring myself to do it.

Also, either those are really old wounds or she's a sucky cutter. If you look at the kids on myspace, some of them can get pretty deep and long. Sometimes they even manage to carve words into their arms. And they're in the wrong direction, which means she's either really stupid or just clearly looking for attention from someone, without doing any serious long term damage.

Meh. I hate not being able to make fun of people. Sorry for being a killjoy here.

Anonymous said...

Sorry, Sumas; can't conger up the same empathy for LiLo and those cutters that have genuine problems. Lohan's lame attempt at cutting is the on the same level as her calling Paris a cunt (on tape), then denying she did so - it's all about her weekly 5 minutes on Hollywood Access that sustains her psychotic ego.

seumas said...

Oh, I don't have much empathy or sympathy for her. I just can't really bring myself to make fun of her for it, since I honestly can't have any clue as to why she does it (if she does).

If it turns out she's a cutter, would it make me a terrible person if that makes me find her much hotter? :P

Anonymous said...

Nope, Sumas. It's perfectly fine if LiLo's alleged cutting makes her hotter to you. After all, Leykis is always saying how psychotic women with lots of esteem problems give the very best sex (up until they totally wig out and slice off your penis aka Lorana Bobbitt).

Anonymous said...

on the msn gossip site it asks if lindsay is cutting? does sarah see the future?????

Anonymous said...

She needs two things:

1) something truly sharp to cut with like a razor blade or a box cutter.

2) a) technique wise, if she'd just try it 90 degrees around, in parallel with the bones in her forearm, she'd be doing us all a big favor; b) do it in a bathtub and drop your wrists into the water and then just take a nap.

Bad Boy Bubby said...

"Damn its the last time I give Edward scissorhands a reach around."