Thursday, August 17, 2006

Dina Lohan is an outstanding mother.

These pictures show what I've assumed to be true the entire time: that Lindsay Lohan is a fine, upstanding young lady with a great role model for a mother... I can't even count the times that my mom & I hung out in hotel rooms looking totally strung out, drinking bottles of Jack Daniels, sorting through designer handbags, and photographing eachother - sometimes topless when we've had a little too much whiskey - oh, we are crazy girls.

Thanks to the person who leaked these onto the internet so we can see exactly what the life of a glamorous Hollywood starlet is like - living in dirty, clothes-filled hotel rooms, partying with your MOM, taking pictures in your underwear
while flipping off the camera, and playing dress-up. Wow. Exciting stuff.

Enjoy this look into the private life of Lindsay Lohan!


jc said...

Who doesn't love a skanked out whore and her mom? That bitch should write a book about parenting. It could be titled - "Clothes, Hoes and Blow - how to get your daughter into Hollywood".

Kurt said...

MILF Alert!

Michael said...

Combined with the pic of the inflated armpit floob, these are just . . . about . . . spankable.

Yep. There it is.

Rupert said...

I'm disgusted. I hear she got those panties off E-Bay. They once belonged to Farrah Faucet.

Jareth said...

Thes have to be a sleazed out lady friend of Lindsey.

1) Cause they are all leftover from shopping.
2)they have a picture of ho-mom and lindsey (who took the picture.)
3)Also why is ther no pictures of her actually naked?

Lindsey pissed off one of her lady friends. But her friend doesn't want to piss off lindsey cause she would of posted the full naked shots.


Catshoe4 said...

Pleased to be posting pic's of her and the clown now? With them spooky honkers there has got to be a clown involved.


P1 said...

This is pure genius, future entertainment marketing types take note. Be sure to spot the dime bag sitting on a lamp table. A Quarter full jack denials bottle on the bed. As well as the chloraseptic throat spray bottle on the table. Good times!!

Other Rupert said...

Don't forget the anal ease lube peaking out from under the blanket!!

Kurt said...

I'd pay 2 weeks salary to tag-team those two. Talk about a notch on the belt.