Thursday, November 08, 2007

Now this is just mean.

One of the main writers of LOST. And an asshole.

I know, I know, they need to get paid and all that other stuff, but taunting fans of the show isn't cool. Damn you, nameless LOST writer man. Damn you.


Todd W. said...


Seumas said...

I love art and all that crap, but really, there's nothing worse than starving artists crying about how they're starving (you do art for a living -- shut up!) except . . . well . . . people who actually DO make a living as artists . . . whining about making a living as artists.

I hope the strike continues on and they all have to get real jobs. Maybe some of those "pathetic" jobs real people have that they love to poke fun at in their shows.

SHB said...

That's Carlton Cuse. He and Damon Lindelof run the show.

Seumas said...

I just don't trust anyone that calls themselves their union a "guild". Unless it's a thieves or warriors guild. That's okay.