Monday, August 20, 2007

Britney Spears without extensions



Randy in Minnesota said...

She's not wearing a seat belt...SHE IS GOING TO DIE!!!

DougA said...

She looks like she's 50.

scamorama said...


My girlfriend is 59, and SHE looks better than Brit!

Seumas said...

This is what happens when you squirt out kids! God damn. And that guy was *bragging* about banging *that* last week?!

Randy in Minnesota said...

Erik Estrada just called from 1978...and he wants his freakin' glasses back.

Theresa said...

I think she should stay at home (A LOT) more often!

Seumas said...

Did you guys hear about Donald Trump considering offering spots on his upcoming "Celebrity" version of his show? (I forget the name of it -- that thing where he fires people).

Apparently he would like Paris, Lindsey and Britney to be on it.

I'd watch.

stevobar said...

I finally figured out who she reminds me of...remember an actress by the name of Nancy Allen?

( Blow-out with John Travolta, Robocop,etc...)

The second picture looks alot like her...I'm just sayin... and please,no controversies or dramas today, if you please.

Todd W. said...

Crimony her hair grows slow. I was just watching the video intro to Listener Party X, and Sarah made fun of bald Britney way back then.

And I agree with Randy from Minnesota. I freaking hate those over-sized aviator glasses.

Get off my lawn.

todd the corpse

Shovelhead said...

Could be any harried, pasty, flubby, suburban house wife cruising for weekend Wal-Mart bargains.

Soon, even the "paps" (as she calls them) will turn their cameras away from this Salt Lake City "4" (credit to Leykis).

Lish said...

Well, I think it's an improvement. Those extensions are nasty.