Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Need your help...

Hey you guys,

Sorry about the personal post but I have a question... do any of you know a place where I could find some cheap plexi-glass, or perhaps you might have some lying around the house that you might be will to donate to a good cause? It's soapbox derby season again and we're trying to get our car built, but we have a limited budget we can work with and plexi-glass can run pretty pricy. The rules for the soapbox derby stipulate, however, that we can take an endless amount of donations from parties willing to help us out, but we can only purchase so much for use on the car. If anyone could help out I'd appreciate it. Please feel free to email me at sarahxdylan@gmail.com. Thanks!


Randy said...

Not sure about where to get it, but make sure it's thick enough to deflect flying rocks and stray bullets. Never can be too careful!

Seumas said...

Sarah, I was unable to find anyone with existing stashes they could part with, but my uncle does a lot of prototype fabrication and suggested a couple places in town that should work for you. They'll possibly even cut-to-shape if you ask.

I presume this is for some sort of windscreen? If so, 1/16th inch is probably thick enough and you probably don't need more than a couple square feet?

First, check TAP Plastics. They have a location in Tigard and Portland. It looks like you could get a 2'x2' 1/6th inch sheet for about $7 (I believe polycarbonate/acrylic is the same as plexiglass and lexan):


Another option is Port Plastics, but you'll need to call or go into their shop directly, I think. I couldn't find the product listed on their site:


Places like Home Depot and Parr Lumber will probably have polycarbonate glass / plexi-glass / lexan if you look in the windows area, but it will probably be slightly more expensive than Tap and Port plastics above, which specialize in that stuff.

Todd W. said...

I was going to suggest TAP plastics also. There's another place (in Tigard, I think...) called Multi-Craft Plastics that may be worth a check, too.

Shovelhead said...

In addition to the info I sent you, check Vancouver Glass on 4th Plain. They do more plexi-glass than anyone else I know of and have huge racks of "throw-away" odd shapes and cut off's. If they won't just give them to you, we could arrange for a little B&E, but of course, that would be wrong.

Narynan said...

I got some hanging around in vancouver if its still needed. I would need to drive from Salem to the couve and all. let me know.