Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Message from Pam Anderson's website

So, she posted a response to all of the "paparazzi" footage of her in a bikini on her website today, and I have to say I respect the lady. They are still terrible pictures, and I'll still post them, but I like her a little bit more for standing up for herself. Anyway, here's her message:

Thank god I don’t have a google alert on myself (like some people I know do on themselves) - I’ve just been sent some pics from Hawaii - I have to laugh - well at least the world knows I don’t get botox - ha!…I’m much hotter in my mind - (I swear I look better) - then again I hardly check a mirror before I go outside - may start doing that more.

I may have to start working out too though - genes and gymnastics have gotten me this far.
I just refuse to let these paparazzi ruin my time or my lifestyle in general with my children - I’m not going to spend time putting makeup on or staying covered up on the beach - it’s definitely surreal though - I think I look alright but everywhere you turn you have a camera in your face - up you butt - it’s crazy - too many tabloids - must be running out of stuff to print…I’m a semi-retired single mom - hello?


Theresa said...

I didn't know she was a gymnast...

Webly said...

That is pretty cool.

stevobar said...

She has now successfully made the transition from milf to mom....God speeed, good lady...

seumas said...
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seumas said...

Genes and gymnastics... and surgery.

It's good that she seems to have a reasonable "hey, what can you do?" response to it, but . . . she seems to be pointing out how shallow everyone pointing fingers at her is. Pot calling the kettle black from someone who made a career on the wings of shallowness.

She's a rich and famous chick who became famous for absolutely nothing but her body and exploited her body to that end for the last twenty years.

So I can't say that I feel sorry for her one bit that her body - good or bad - is still center stage. If you spent twenty years willingly being ogled and put up on a celebrity pedestal because of it and in the process likely lowered the self-esteem of countless girls who simply could never measure up (in whatever degree), then you have to accept that there will probably be twenty more years in which it's pointed out how you're falling apart.

Eat it and deal with it, Pam.

Greg and Kim said...

Sarah -- I agree. Good for her for expressing those thoughts.

I am glad she is taking mommyhood seriously.

Greg in Canby

derick said...

seumas is a terrorist and a fascist. From small people sometimes comes great rancor.
And usual there is a stink of jealousy in the various criticisms.

The only bad thing I can say about dear old Pam is regarding her choice in men. These choices define in my mind something deeply flawed in her
judgment and moral character. She is a charter member of the legitimate side of the sex trade, and like nearly all workers in the sex trade she seems to come at life with a wounded soul.

Those wounds are obvious, but still, if you hear her speak sometimes (or as in this little web message of hers) there is something of the unspoiled little girl that has been left intact, authenticity.

I think that there is hope for her.
I predict that she will find Christ and will be washed of all her inglorious past.

I think that we should go back to the 1950's were celebrities had a much greater measure of privacy. The publicists controlled every photo that was published and the client was only shown going into restaurants, going to a movie premier, or on the studio lot in various "natural" positions. It was a more dignified time for all of us. The consumer didn't know or care to know what went on in our truly private moments.

seumas is in love with today.
Count on it.

steve said...

Terrorist? Fascist? I can't speak for Seumas but I didn't read anything like that into his blog.

stevobar said...

Holy Crap, Derick is back!

I thought you promised to go away...you are truly the Herpes Simplex simpleton of this blog...long may you fester.

seumas said...

In the 50s, she probably wouldn't have had the chance to become a superstar that she was given.

Presuming that celebrities really had more privacy back then (which is somewhat debatable), they also didn't put out takes of themselves getting dicked on a boat or flash their vaginas strategically to the press.

There are extraordinarily famous people who maintain a high degree of privacy today. That's because they don't try to play the double edged sword of "let me manipulate the public and press to my benefit, but somehow keep it from going over the line to the point where it impacts me negatively".

And I would not be shocked if she got all jesusy on us; you're right about that.

Shovelhead said...

Any one want to fathom a guess on what she is trying to pull out of her bikini bottom? Perhaps she's like the infamous "internet chimp" who apparently got a brief high from personal dingleberry sniffing.

Didn't miss you derick - please chack yourself back.