Thursday, January 18, 2007

Lindsay Lohan enters rehab!

Full story here.

...and Rosie O'Donnell is leaving the View!


RWgirl said...

Didn't Rosie already have a failed talk show?

Maybe the rehab center can also de-skank Lohan.

seumas said...

Lohan won't come out alive.

Rosie . . . . ugh. It hurts my brain to even think about her. The Donald should use his mafia connections to give her cement shoes.

Pam said...

The only reason Rosie is causing problems with The Trump and now the American Idol, is because she wants the publicity. Then she can start her new talk show Ruffle some more feathers, and get canceled. Just my opinion! Maybe she will get another funky ass haircut, I would like to see her in some mall bangs this time!

Shovelhead said...

See the "rehab" center she's checked into? Looks like the $25,000 per night luxury suite at The Palms. I'm just SURE they will put her through the same rigorous detox regiment a Portland Park Blocks street drunk would get.

By contract, Rosie must deal with Disney first if she leaves The View. Mickey Mouse meets Freddy Krueger!

seumas said...

Oh god I was just minding my own business watching HHGTTG for the millionth time when I suddenly started thinking about throwing Lohan and Rosie in a room together with some toys and lube and locking the door on your way out.

It hurts so bad. I need to auger these thoughts out of my skull!

Rob said...

I'm shocked! SHOCKED!

Well, ok, not that shocked.