Wednesday, December 27, 2006

A close-up of Tara Reid's stomach

This stomach is the reason that you buy ONE PIECE bathing suits. Good lord. Cover that up.



gay bob said...

Sarah, most guys didn't even see her stomach!

seumas said...

Eew. You just know the money shot is going to get old, stale and moldy up there in all those ripply cracks and crevices if it isn't washed off right away.

PS: Sarah's back!!!

Shovelhead said...

Sorry - I guess it's just recent burn-out, but compared to Brits' cooter shots and Paris and her sister connected at the butts, Tara's wrinkly gut pix is pretty non-comment.

Slenderella said...

I know the best gig she can get of late is New Years at the Marriot, but you think that she would still have enough cash left to get her lipo done outside of Mexico.


Kristen said...

I saw these a couple days ago and thought of you!!!

It looks like her belly button has melted.

RWgirl said...

Remember ladies: Thin = sexy [/sarcasm]

Theresa said...

It looks like the chest of that old lady from "There's Something About Mary"

Yuck Yuck Yucky!

Happy New Year to Everyone!

Steve said...

Hey, gay bob, some men DO look at a woman's belly -- it can be very sexy. Not in this case, though. Not at all.

That looks like an aerial view of the Scablands!
Considering that the northern view appears to be fake, I don't even want to imagine what the southern exposure is like!

Richard said...

Oh, those are fake. Remember when she drunkenly exposed one on the red carpet of some event? The nipple was all stitched on and stuff. Yeef.