Friday, February 27, 2009

Trailer for the Donnie Darko sequel!!

I know it's going to be shit, but I can't help but be excited... Happy Friday!

Thursday, February 26, 2009

Looky here!

Holy crap! It's Paul from the Wonder Years! I was actually wondering - ah, stupid puns - but seriously, i was, what happened to him a few weeks ago, and low and behold TMZ again infiltrates my brain and finds him for me. Thank you, TMZ, thank you. God, I loved that show so much, I have the most fantastic memories as a kid watching it with the fam.... although now Paul looks like a love child between Steve Buschemi and Marilyn Manson. Just sayin'.

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Thank you, Dave Zinn. Thank you...

...for introducing me to the WORST movie I've ever seen - and not in the worst-best way that Repo! The Genetic Opera is.  Right now I'm sitting in my apartment laughing my ass off, and i'm only 45 minutes into this glorious piece of cinematography.  It is awful and awkward and has soft-core porn scenes punctuated by the worst dialogue I've ever heard.  Holy god.  The clincher is that the guy who plays the main heartthrob (who looks like a younger, slightly-deformed Gene Simmons) is also the director, producer and writer of it.  It is AMAZING.  The fake sets, the hilarious plotlines, the amusing toleration of the other cast members toward the main dude's lack of acting skills, it's just non-stop.  Oh, there is also a drug-pusher, surprise party, and a mom who talks about selling her house in the same sentence and inflection that she then reveals that she has breast cancer.  Um, what?  Oh, snap, and the dirty slutty girl just told her mom that she slept with someone else, unbeknownced to her that Johnny (creepy main actor dude) is sitting upstairs eavesdropping and planning to secretly record his life to prove that he's not a fiance-beating alchie!  It just don't get no sweeter folks.  

May I now present.... the trailer:

All hail the glorious Dave Zinn

SIDENOTE:  Okay, so I've been doing some research on Mr. Tommy Wiseau (the main star, director & producer), and I'm starting to think that this movie is all a giant put-on, and he's some famous actor or something with a lot of make-up on to look like the deformed muscle-man he is.  There's absolutely no information about him before 2003 - and even his Wikipedia page states that he keeps his 'past a mystery'.  Hmm.  Now, the question is - who the hell is the genius pretending to be Tommy Wiseau that made this movie as awful-fabulous as it is??  I need answers!!!  Okay, off to watch Lost.  Look, a penny!